Sarah is a seventh grade student who has been struggling


SPD 310 Topic 6 Discussions GCU

SPD 310 Topic 6 DQ 1

Consider the following scenario:

Sarah is a seventh grade student who has been struggling academically in all classes, but her scores have been particularly low in her English language arts and science classes. She has not been academically successful despite the months of increasingly intense interventions that have been in place to support her. The school team feels it is appropriate to evaluate Sarah for special education eligibility but, after the initial contact, the parents have refused.

What are possible reasons for the parents’ hesitation? How would you go about identifying, understanding, and resolving the conflict?

SPD 310 Topic 6 DQ 2

Imagine that you are a special education teacher who needs to support students with IEPs in six different classrooms while still serving seven students within daily 60-90-minute resource services. Describe your primary concerns as you begin to plan your schedule. How will you manage your time so that you can meet the needs of all special education students? How could additional resources such as training faculty on students’ needs, or involving paraeducators, help you?



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