MIS 600 Full Course Discussions GCU


MIS 600 Full Course Discussions GCU

MIS 600 Topic 1 DQ 1

Why is data important to business? What are some industries that use big data for decision making?

MIS 600 Topic 1 DQ 2

Describe the role that big data plays in at least two industries. Provide the names of the specific companies as examples.

MIS 600 Topic 2 DQ 1

Why is data integrity important to the field of analytics? Compare at least two methods for data management that will prevent lapses in data integrity.

MIS 600 Topic 2 DQ 2

What are some best practices in the medical field for storing and managing data? Can the practices in the medical field be applied to other industries? Provide rationale for your stance.

MIS 600 Topic 3 DQ 1

What is the difference between databases and data warehouses? Why is this distinction important? How much information do you think you are providing to the big data warehouses on a daily basis? Please provide some examples (e.g., Fry’s shopping card, Google searches, downloading apps, etc.).

MIS 600 Topic 3 DQ 2

After reading “The Field Guide to Data Science,” how you would describe the field of data science and what it means to current society? Also, provide at least two enlightening points from the guide. Be sure to cite the source in order to support your perspective.

MIS 600 Topic 4 DQ 1

What is the value of descriptive analytics as the initial step in the process? Could this step occur later if necessary? Why or why not?

MIS 600 Topic 4 DQ 2

Describe the potential of predictive analytics, in theory, conveying a story with absolute certainty.

MIS 600 Topic 5 DQ 1

Why do you think requirements would be important to every request? How could incorrect or missing requirements affect the business?

MIS 600 Topic 5 DQ 2

Why is it important to correctly identify stakeholders? What could the impact be if a stakeholder was incorrectly identified or left out?

MIS 600 Topic 6 DQ 1

What is the difference between internal and external security? Why is this important to understand the differences? Compare external security measures across two companies outside of your industry.

MIS 600 Topic 6 DQ 2

Besides writing codes for hackers, what are some other security considerations companies should make to secure their data?

MIS 600 Topic 7 DQ 1

Describe the types of stereotyping that can occur in sales/marketing analysis. What preventative steps can a business take to prevent automatic marketing promotions based on analytics?

MIS 600 Topic 7 DQ 2

In many instances, the ways in which organizations state how the customer’s personal information will be used is in small print on annual privacy notices. Discuss the ethical implications of this format and frequency.

MIS 600 Topic 8 DQ 1

In order to identify a target demographic for a credit card, your analysis results show that you will only receive a high initial return by marketing to low-income families with a high debt-to-income ratio. The data also state that those in this demographic tend to lose their homes after their debt-to-income ratio goes above the point to which you are planning to market. Should you market to this group knowing this information? What are potential implications in either case?

MIS 600 Topic 8 DQ 2

Identify a current event involving the perception of unethical data storage or data management. Describe why the perception potentially exists and whether or not you agree.




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