Many linear optimization problems can be solved by finding


MIS 665 Topic 5 Discussions GCU

MIS 665 Topic 5 DQ 1

Many linear optimization problems can be solved by finding a graphical solution, but there are some problems that require more advanced spreadsheets and software to find an optimal solution. Describe an optimization problem in which finding a solution would be impossible using the feasible-region approach. Discuss the attributes the problem would have to make it impossible to solve using the feasible-region approach.

MIS 665 Topic 5 DQ 2

Optimization techniques are used in many applications. For example, when customers order products from an online store, the shipper has to determine the optimal way to get the product delivered to the customer. The delivery path that is chosen is the path that minimizes shipping costs while simultaneously satisfying these constraints:

  1. The product must arrive by a promised date.
  2. The shipper must deliver a finite set of items.
  3. The product must originate from one of several warehouse hubs across the country.

Discuss whether there can be multiple solutions (i.e., more than one path to get the product to your house). Explain why. Is there a guarantee that a solution always exists? Explain.




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