GCU LDR 462 Week 1 Assignment Latest




GCU LDR 462 Week 1 Assignment Latest

Week 1 Assignment

Information Sheet for GCU Volunteer Placement

Grand Canyon University

3300 W. Camelback Road

Phoenix, AZ 85017


Name of Volunteer:



E-mail Address:

Site Name:


Supervising/Contact Person:




Description of Site

  1. 1. Number of Principles:

Number of Employers:

Number of [estimated yearly] student volunteers:

  1. 2. Type of workforce/Area of practice:
  2. 3. Subject of work for student volunteer:
  3. 4. Any special features or descriptions of work environment:


Description of Volunteer Placement Tasks to be completed by Student

  1. 5. General Communications: (e.g.Telephone, Personal, Formal, etc.)
  2. 6. Research and Writing: (e.g.Letters, Memorandums, Reports, Notes, Desktop Publishing)
  3. 7. Clerical: (e.g.Filing, Automated Systems, Calendaring)
  4. 8. Academic course work especially desired:
  5. 9. Any other information you would like to provide in order to more fully inform, or interest the student in this volunteer opportunity: (e.g.describe experiences where the student will learn what it would be like to be a practitioner in the area he or she is studying. This could involve inviting the student to attend workshops, meetings, ride-along, counseling sessions, etc.)

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