GCU HLT 515 Week 5 Discussion Latest


GCU HLT 515 Week 5 Discussion Latest


HLT515 Social Behavior and Cultural Factor in Public Health

Week 5 Discussion


Present a basic case in which an individual would wish to change a long-term health behavior? For example, a 39-year-old female wishes to stop her two-pack-a-day smoking habit which she has had for 10 years. Using various models and theories of behavioral change help create strategies for modifying the patient’s behaviors. Explain the process/methods that could be used to accomplish this goal. Predict how long this may take and what challenges may present themselves? Review three peers’ postings and provide constructive feedback on additional changes which could be beneficial as well as additional insight.


Why is health promotion/education such an important component to behavioral change? Why do you think behavioral change is so difficult for an individual?


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