ENG 106 Week 7 Discussions Latest-GCU




ENG 106 Week 7 Discussions Latest-GCU

ENG 106 Week 7 Discussions Latest-GCU


ENG 106 Topic 7 DQ 1 Latest-GCU

Four important steps when composing a proposal include (1) convincing the audience that there is a problem that needs to be solved, (2) explaining what you want your audience to do about the problem, (3) acknowledging opposing viewpoints or steps to solving the problem and (4) justifying the action you are asking your audience to take.  What strategies will you use for each step? What will make your content for each of these steps effective?  Later in the week, review answers that your classmates have provided and provide feedback on their ideas.

ENG 106 Topic 7 DQ 2 Latest-GCU

Many people have either engaged in an argument that seemed unresolvable or witnessed such an argument between friends and family members. Consider one of these arguments you have either experienced or witnessed, and then identify the fallacies that were expressed during this discussion or argument. Note how the fallacies prevented the discussion from being resolved. What did you learn about fallacies from this experience that you can apply to your proposal essay? How might fallacies like these be avoided in proposal writing?

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