ELM 305 Topic 7 Discussions GCU




ELM 305 Topic 7 Discussions GCU

ELM 305 Topic 7 DQ 1

Identify three techniques to teach reading comprehension that are being advocated by current research. Which do you believe are the most viable? Why? Which strategies would you most likely use in your first year of teaching? In what way and why?

ELM 305 Topic 7 DQ 2

Many districts employ reading specialists (also known as a literacy coach or reading coach) to assist students who are struggling with their reading, as well as teachers who have struggling readers in their class. Specifically, what are some of the things a reading specialist does or might do? What specialized knowledge and skills should a reading specialist have? Why would working with a reading specialist be an advantage for students or teachers? What might be some of the difficulties or barriers to working with a reading specialist?

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