Can you show the solution on the excel by showing


Can you show the solution on the excel by showing


Tender Announcement of Vending Machines at MetroBus Stops Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) decided to rent out spots at MetroBus stops for vending machines to meet traveler demands and increase revenue. To ensure transparency and equal treatment, a tender was published on IMM’s website. UniVEND saw this opportunity and gave the proposal to IMM. UniVEND’s proposal was accepted and the company started to operate in all metrobus stops. Now it is time for you to find optimal plan to locate the vending machines in 8 MetroBus stops. According to the agreement: UniVEND is allowed to occupy limited area. For every UniVEND is can occupy at least IMM wants the company to serve at lea The agreement is valid for a year.i UniVEND will be able to restock the machi 1 m 2 16 mA2 UniVEND annually n every MetroBus stop. 25,000 TL to IMM 2 m 2 at most half of the max. demand. (Hint: Min. Demand Max. Demand/2) 365 days 4 times a day Also rent for 1 machine i 20,000 TL additional information see the tables below Pts Which MetroBus Stop has the highest daily demand for water? Which MetroBus Stop has the lowest daily demand for water? What is the total daily demand for water? UniVEND has a budget of 12,000,000 TL for this project. In order to maximize the profit, find the optimal plan and report the number of machines in the following MetroBus stops. Additional information is provided below 0.5 b) a) b) Sogutlucesme Fikirtepe Uzuncay d) Acibadem Altunizade Burhaniye Mah Bogazlcl Koprusu Zincirlikuyu g) Report the maximum profit according to the optimal plan. How much money is left in the budget? (If no money is left, put 0 into the answer cell!) 12 Max. Daily Demand Additional Information MetroBus Stops for Water Rent for 1 m*2: Rent for 1 machine: Cost of water: 25,000.00 annually 20,000.00 annually Sogutlucesme Fikirtepe Uzuncayir Acibademm Altunizade Burhaniye Mah. Bogazici Koprusu Zincirlikuyu 20,500 2,500 22,000 7,500 10,500 2,000 12,000 27,000 0.35 one bottle 0.50 one bottle 1.00 mA2 Price of water Area per machine: Capacity of 1 machine: Restocking Capacity: 250.00 bottle of water 4.00 times a day


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